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Developing Democracy on the Basis of China’s Reality
Democracy can be described as a product of political progress. At present, many countries face the major task of exploring and developing a democratic system which, by virtue of being based on their historical traditions and national conditions, is geared towards the needs of their social development. China’s modernization and national rejuvenation have been accompanied by its pursuit and explora...
China's nuclear security concept: A balanced and better approach
Two decades ago, when people mentioned nuclear issue, nuclear war breaking out intentionally or accidentally between or among nuclear powers was the major scenario possible, which was not something unimaginable in the Cold War era. Since the end of Cold War, especially after the terrorist attack in September 11, 2001, when people talk about nuclear, nuclear terrorism becomes the key word. While th...
Principle of Separability in Government Information Disclosure
The disclosure of government information does not mean the disclosure of all government information. Sometimes government information involves state secrets, trade secrets, and personal privacy. If this information was to be disclosed, it could threaten national security, public safety, economic security, and social stability. In terms of deciding how to differentiate and process this type of info...
Creating Long-Term Mechanisms to Resolve Overcapacity
  In recent years, excess production capacity has become a chronic disease affecting China’s economic development. The Decisions of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth CPC Central Committee proposed establishing a sound long-term mechanism for preventing and resolving overcapacity as well as increasing the weight given to overcapacity and other indicators in the government performance e...
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