China Center for Contemporary World Studies

Chinese Scholars Hold Discussions with Prof. Pasquale at CCCWS
| 07-02-2014 | visitors:829

On 26 June, 2014, CCCWS staged the fourth of its lecture series titled the Contemporary World and China. Dr. Sun Haiyan, Director-General of CCCWS, presided over the lecture, which focused on the “Advantage of China’s Political System”. The guest of today’s lecture was Professor Pasquino Pasquale from the US New York University.


Prof. Pasquale makes a comparison between the Western countries’ “electoral system” and China’s “selection system”. He believes that China’s political model has its internal rationality even advantage, which has been proved by the economic development and social stability after reform and opening-up, and has been increasingly acknowledged and accepted by the international community. He suggests that China can take the initiative to introduce the operating mechanism and principles of its own system towards the academic circles and society of the Western countries.

Chinese scholars hold discussions with Prof. Pasquino Pasquale at CCCWS.