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CCCWS Director General Jin Xin Meets with IISS Director General Dr. Chipman
From:CCCWS | 04-13-2017 | By:CCCWS visitors:3212

On the morning of April 7, CCCWS Director General Dr. Jin Xin met with Dr. John Chipman, Director General and Chief Executive of International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) and discussed the “Belt and Road” Initiative and other issues.

Dr. Jin Xin says that President Xi proposed the “Belt and Road” Initiative based on considerations of promoting common development. It is a geo-economic rather than a geo-political initiative. This May, China will hold the Silk Road International Cooperation Forum and review achievements and shortfalls together with participants so as to enhance cooperation and build an upgraded “Belt and Road”. This is a multilateral diplomatic event of great significance. Some scholars say this event together with World Economic Forum in Davos and BRICS Summit form the “trilogy” of China’s multilateral agenda this year. We believe that the convening of this Forum will give international community a deeper and clearer understanding about the “Belt and Road”.


Dr. Chipman notes that the “Belt and Road” Initiative has become a hot topic around the world and that the Forum in May will help promote mutual understanding among different groups and pragmatic cooperation by gathering politicians, entrepreneurs and think tankers. He mentions that he heard at the Davos Forum the excellent speech by President Xi which was well-drafted with brilliant ideas. The messages touched the audience deeply. Dr. Chipman is invited to attend the Silk Road International Cooperation Forum in May to share information, gain understanding and enhance collaboration with friends from all circles. Dr. Chipman also briefs CCCWS about the Shangri-La Dialogue.


Also present at the meeting are Ms. Mou Hong, CCCWS Research Fellow, Dr. Lin Yongliang, CCCWS Associate Research Fellow, Ms. Nie Shengquan, CCCWS Research Assistant and IISS Senior Research Fellows Shao Wenguang and Alexander Neill.