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Chinese Scholars Hold Discussions with Mr. Song Luzheng at CCCWS
From:CCCWS | 10-11-2014 | By:CCCWS visitors:1297

Chinese scholars hold discussions with Mr. Song Luzheng at CCCWS  

On 10 October, 2014, CCCWS held the sixth of its lecture series titled Contemporary World and China. Dr. Sun Haiyan, Director-General of CCCWS, presided over the lecture, which focused on “Theoretical Innovation of China’s Political System”. The lecturer was Mr. Song Luzheng, Research Fellow at the Center for China Development Model Research at Fudan University and Shanghai Chunqiu Institute for Developmental and Strategic Studies.


Song pointed out that China must break free from China’s traditional discourse system and shake off shackles cuffed by Western dominating discourse so as to advance theoretical innovation of China’s political system. He provided many new perspectives on how to boost such innovation and enhance China’s ability to promote advantages of its political system by drawing upon his first-hand knowledge about France’s political system, democracy and media ecology.