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CPC scholar warns of challenges of cyberspace, ideology
From:Xinhua | 07-28-2014 | visitors:610

A scholar of the Party School of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has warned that the Party is facing multiple challenges originating both within China and overseas.

In an article published in the People's Daily, the CPC's flagship newspaper, Han Qingxiang, a professor with the Party School, said that despite China's repeated stance for peaceful development, common interests and its commitment to building a harmonious world, some established powers still see it as a "threat" and are trying to contain the country's development.

Moreover, foreign ideological challenges, such as a peremptory interpretation of "democracy" as well as notions of "neoliberalism" and "historical nihilism," have been imported to China, the article said.

The article noted that some Western forces are using their interpretation of the concepts of "freedom, democracy and human rights" as instruments to instigate discontent and frustration toward the socialist system and CPC leadership in China.

Also, within China, systemic loopholes and resistance by vested interests have thwarted the country's reforms, and economic development has been challenged by depleted resources and a worsening environment, it said.

It also noted challenges from domestic separatist forces in Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan.

Taking these situations into account, China should brace itself to contend and defend its interests in resources, currency, the market, ideology, territory and cyberspace.

The country is also facing anti-corruption battles and the need to fight secessionist forces, according to the article.

The article called for efforts to ensure the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics.