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Chinese think tanks should avoid any great leap forward
Think tanks have been incredibly popular in China, which in turn gives rise to think tank study and a ranking system.However, this is a sector far from being rational and well regulated, as some commercial organizations also leap in pretending to be scholastic institutes. This frenetic development lacks certain criteria to rule out the unqualified and this needs to be sorted out before the intelle...
Institutional Reform and System Improvement from the Perspective of Building...
A society under the rule of law must be built up to achieve the rule by law. Fairness and justice must be upheld to build a society under the rule of law. Fairness and justice are the starting point and objective for comprehensively deepening reform. Acceleration of reform of public institutions and official administration improvement is a must for a society under the rule of law based on fairness...
Fully Performing Governmental Functions by Law
  To fully perform governmental functions by law is the necessary requirement for deeply carrying forward the administration by law and accelerating development of the government under rule of law. The Decision of the CPC Central Committee on Several Important Issues Regarding All-round Promotion of Rule of Law (hereinafter called the Decision) adopted at the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th C...
Rule of law must follow China's path
History was made at the Fourth Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, because for the first time a Party plenary session discussed the rule of law, to be precise, how to strengthen the rule of law and constitutional governance, and boost the ongoing anti-corruption campaign.
Party's leadership "most fundamental guarantee" for rule of law in China
The Communist Party of China (CPC) leadership is "the most fundamental guarantee" for comprehensively advancing the rule of law and building a country under the socialist rule of law, leaders said at a key meeting Thursday. The effectiveness of implementing rule of law will be a significant index in judging the work of officials at various levels and will be added to their performance appraisal sy...
CPC scholar warns of challenges of cyberspace, ideology
In an article published in the People's Daily, the CPC's flagship newspaper, Han Qingxiang, a professor with the Party School, said that despite China's repeated stance for peaceful development, common interests and its commitment to building a harmonious world, some established powers still see it as a "threat" and are trying to contain the country's development.
China’s Income Distribution: Completed and Uncompleted Missions
When discussing how to improve the policy on income distribution, people often argue about a theoretical question on the relationship between equality and efficiency, centering on prioritizing which one, the former or the latter. The policy problem regarding the debate is to attach more importance to the primary distribution field or the redistribution field when handling the problem of income gap...
Environmental cooperation boosts sustainable development
The cooperation between China and the European Union (EU) on environmental governance boosts China's sustainable development, said Bie Tao, deputy director of Policy and Law for the Ministry of Environmental Protection during a conference held in Beijing last week.
The Hague has no jurisdiction over sea dispute
China's repeated rejection of Manila' s plea for arbitration in the dispute in the South China Sea is by no means defiance of the tribunal in The Hague. On the contrary, it shows China's respect for international law.
Continent’s security must be responsibility of Asians first and foremost
Asia is a throbbing continent, not only because of its breath-taking momentum in economic growth, but also in terms of the heart-wrenching stack of security threats it faces.
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