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China's innovation system and the Chinese dream
China must continue to grow and develop if its future is to be secure. According to the report delivered by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, innovation has been increasingly acknowledged as a crucial tool and key driver to achieve this goal. Obviously, the government of China has clearly recognized that innovation must be a vital d...
'One Belt, One Road' initiative of China
Late last year (2013), President Xi Jinping launched the New Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to deepen reform and further open up China to the rest of the world. The initiative sounded interesting and timely and many of the countries in the neighborhood of China soon extended their support to it. However, they needed to have more in-depth knowledge about the initiat...
Xi's Strategic Conception of 'One Belt and One Road' Has Great Significance
One year ago, President Xi Jinping put forward the strategic conception of building the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road", known shortly as the "One Belt and One Road" initiatives. The proposal garnered the interest of the global community, as soon as it was announced. Various countries along the proposed route have expressed broad support, while domestic cities and p...
China Model Not Only Develops China but Also Benefits the World
policy, Chinese people have never held the discourse power of China model, which could be corroborated by Ramon’s presentation of the Beijing Consensus in 2004. Some Chinese and foreigners even intentionally neglect or deny the existence of China model. Currently, the situation is changing. Presentation of some concepts and scopes, such as confidence in path, theory and system and China’s road, ...
China’s ‘peaceful rise’ also depends on Europe
China, thanks to an unlikely alliance between global market capitalism forces and the CCP – the latter maintaining the upper hand – will become the largest world economy by 2025. For the first time though, the biggest economy will not be the most advanced, since America is retaining its technological lead. Moreover, China will not offer the world a model for reproduction by others. China is ther...
Japan is neither an enemy nor a friend
The opening up of Chinese society has been given an added boost by the efforts of members of the public, and the rapid development of outbound travel has become a great opportunity for China and the rest of world to engage in deep integration. Japan is playing an important role in the process of China's rise. It cannot simply be defined as an enemy or friend.
Int'l Community Lauds Xi's LatAm Trip As Fruitful, Influential
Chinese President Xi Jinping's latest Latin America tour promoted BRICS cooperation, boosted China's ties with the nations he visited and the broader region, and bolstered regional and world peace and development, foreign leaders, analysts and media say.
Emerging Trends in Chinese Studies and The Role of The Party
In the modern era, Chinese studies in the West have gone through two main generations: the generation of the historic school and the generation of the ideological school. Contemporary Western perceptions and understanding of China, in both the academic world and popular press, have been informed by the methods and aims of these two schools.
China and the US Needing Preventative Cooperation
Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo and former American Deputy Secretary Robert B Zoellick initiated an annual strategic dialogue between China and the US in 2005. This bilateral mechanism developed into the Strategic and Economic Dialogue in 2009 when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State. In the last 8 years, this dialogue has focused on improving mutual trust between China and the US. In c...
The Features of Current International Security Situation
Currently, international security situation is going through unprecedented, complicated and profound changes. On the one hand, peace and development remain the theme of our era and the overall situation remains stable, with global balance of power evolving in favor of the maintenance of peace and development. On the other hand, international security contentions are going through new developments,...
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